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Lot 536 - Online Banknotes Auction #50

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10.000,00 EUR

Beautiful and interesting set of 236 banknotes of 5000 Pesetas issued on October 23, 1979, including all the letters of the initial issue and the one without series, in addition to all subsequent issues (A capicúa, B capicúa, C capicúa, D, E capicúa, F capicúa, G capicúa, H capicúa, I capicúa, J capicúa, K capicúa, L capicúa, M, N capicúa, P capicúa and solid, Q capicúa, R, S, T, U, V capicúa, W, X , Y and Z capicúa), second emission (1A capicúa, 1B capicúa, 1C capicúa, 1D capicúa, 1E capicúa, 1F capicúa, 1G capicúa, 1H capicúa, 1I, 1J capicúa, 1K capicúa, 1L capicúa, 1M capicúa, 1N capicúa , 1P, 1Q capicúa, 1R, 1S capicúa, 1T capicúa, 1U capicúa, 1V, 1W capicúa, 1X capicúa, 1Y capicúa and 1Z capicúa), third emission (2A capicúa, 2B capicúa, 2C capicúa, 2D capicúa, 2E capicúa, Capicúa 2F, 2G Capicúa, 2H Capicúa, 2I Capicúa, 2J Capicúa, 2K Capicúa, 2L Capicúa, 2M Capicúa, 2N Capicúa, 2P Capicúa, 2Q Capicúa, 2R Capicúa, 2S Capicúa, 2T, 2U Capicúa, 2V Capicúa,, 2X capicúa, 2Y cap capicúa and 2Z capicúa), fourth emission (3A capicúa, 3B capicúa, 3C capicúa, 3D capicúa, 3E capicúa, 3F capicúa, 3G capicúa, 3H capicúa, 3I capicúa, 3J, 3K capicúa, 3L capicúa, 3M capicúa, 3N capicúa, 3P capicúa, 3Q capicúa, 3R capicúa, 3S capicúa, 3T capicúa, 3U capicúa, 3V capicúa, 3W capicúa, 3X capicúa, 3Y and 3Z), fifth emission (4A, 4B capicúa, 4C capicúa, 4D capicúa, 4E capicúa, 4F capicúa, 4G, 4H capicúa, 4I capicúa, 4J capicúa, 4K capicúa, 4L capicúa, 4M, 4N capicúa, 4P capicúa, 4Q capicúa, 4R capicúa, 4S, 4T capicúa, 4U capicúa, 4V capicúa, 4W capicúa, 4X capicúa, 4Y and 4Z capicúa), sixth emission (5A capicúa, 5B capicúa, 5C capicúa, 5D capicúa, 5E capicúa, 5F capicúa, 5G capicúa, 5H capicúa, 5I capicúa, 5J capicúa, 5K capicúa, 5L, 5M, 5N, 5P capicúa , 5Q capicúa, 5R capicúa, 5S capicúa, 5T, 5U, 5V, 5W, 5X, 5Y capicúa and 5Z capicúa), seventh emission (6A capicúa, 6B capicúa, 6C capicúa, 6D capicúa, 6E, 6F capicúa, 6G, 6H , 6I, 6J capicúa, 6K, 6L capicúa, 6M capicúa, 6N, 6P, 6Q, 6R, 6S, 6T capicúa, 6U, 6V, 6W capicúa, 6X, 6Y and 6Z), eighth and last emission (7A, 7B capicúa, 7C, 7D, 7E, 7F, 7G, 7H, 7I, 7J, 7K, 7L, 7M, 7N, 7P, 7Q, 7R, 7S, 7T, 7U, 7V, 7W, 7X, 7Y and 7Z), emission series A (AA capicúa, BA, CA, DA, EA, FA, GA, HA, JA, KA, LA, MA, NA, PA, QA capicúa, RA capicúa, SA, TA, UA, VA, WA, XA, YA and ZA) and emission series B (AB, BB, CB, DB, EB, FB, GB, HB, JB , KB and LB). (Edifil 2017: 478, 478a). Extraordinarily rare set, unique of these characteristics and of very good quality, all banknotes have original size (the set must be considered for all purposes of the highest quality especially in such a set, it is possible that there may be one at most two banknotes in UNC quality- and not even that but we prefer to opt for prudence, in our opinion it is absolutely despicable). UNC/ UNC.


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Online Banknotes Auction #50


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